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E-Flite T-34 Mentor 25e RC Plane, ARF
Wingspan 55.0 in (1575mm)

ARF Version Requires:
Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX
Power 25 or Power 32
11 x 8 electric (Power 25),
12 x 6 electric (Power 32)
60 Amp ESC
Battery 3200mAh 4S 14.4V Li-Po, 20C
or better

Manual here or download PDF instructions which I borrowed from
Another good page full of information and photos is here

The Beechcraft T-34 Mentor was developed in the post-WWII era as a military trainer aircraft to replace the North American T-6/NJ Texan. The design was actually a descendant of Beechcraft's Model 35 Bonanza. By taking several of the Bonanza's design features and modifying them to suit military training, the T-34 was born.

In 1953, the United States Air Force was the first to put the T-34 into service, and designated their version the T-34A. The United States Navy followed two years later, and purchased T-34B models. Interestingly enough, the T-34B had several differences from the T-34A. Increased wing dihedral and moveable rudder pedals were two features that were different. Most interesting, however, was the fact that the T-34B had only differential braking instead of a steerable nosewheel.

E-flite T-34 Mentor 25e ARF
Wingspan: 55.0 in Length: 44.0 in
Wing Area: 545 sq in
Weight: 4 lb 10.8 oz empty
5 lb 6.9 oz w/battery
Servos: JR Sport ST47 (x5)
Receiver: Spektrum AR6200
Battery: E-flite 4S 14.8V 3200mAh Lipo
Motor: E-flite Power 32 brushless outrunner ESC: E-flite 60-Amp Pro Brushless ESC
Propeller: APC 12x6E
Transmitter: Spektrum DX7
Manufacturer: E-flite
(No longer in production)

Both the T-34A and T-34B were powered by Continental piston engines. Later, in the 1970s, Beechcraft developed the T-34C Turbo-Mentor, which was equipped with a turboprop engine. The T-34 has proven itself to be a venerable trainer since the 1950s. Countless Air Force and Navy pilots have earned their wings in the Mentor.

A couple of years ago, E-flite introduced a beginner-friendly trainer model based on the T-34. The E-flite T-34 Mentor 25e ePTS RTF model was a huge success and developed a large following. It incorporated a flap system and NACA droops on the leading of the wing. Both of these features helped to increase the stability and slow-flight capability of the airplane. Everything was included in the ready-to-fly (RTF) package, including a full-featured Spektrum DX6i radio. There was demand for an almost-ready-to-fly (ARF) version, so E-flite has delivered again with the E-flite T-34 Mentor 25e ARF.

This version doesn't have the radio or the NACA droops that the RTF model had, but it does allow the modeler to choose his own power system and electronics. The full-scale T-34 that the E-flite is modeled after happens to be N121BC, which is actually a T-34A that is painted up in the T-34C Navy scheme. N121BC is owned by Mr. Bud Cashen, who served in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean War. Mr. Cashen has owned N121BC for nearly 20 years now and flies it to Oshkosh every year. In fact, Bud flies as the "top cover boss" during the big warbird formation flights at Oshkosh.


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